Marci Guillemette is Lockton’s New Vice President, Pharmacy Audit Services

Lockton is thrilled to welcome Marci Guillemette to the team as Vice President of Pharmacy Audit Services.

Marci will lead the Pharmacy Audit Services Team to bring independent, impartial, and even more robust audit services to Lockton’s clients. This will ensure clients have access to the best pharmacy audit services in the market, further demonstrating Lockton’scommitment to people solutions, innovation, and excellence.

Marci states, “There are so many reasons I am excited to join the Lockton team, but one of the most impressive factors was Lockton’s independence. Lockton is not affiliated with, nor do they own a pharmacy benefit coalition. This is a critical factor in our ability to deliver complete impartiality to our audit services.”

“Lockton’s investment in Pharmacy Audit Services expands the ability to assist clients in holding their pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) partners accountable,” Marci adds. “Whether proactive like a pre-implementation audit when a client changes PBM vendors, or a historical look back at live claims utilization, an audit has the potential to expose even the smallest of errors that have a large impact on clients and members.”

Bruce Sammis, Lockton’s Chief Executive Officer of the Dunning Series, says,“Excelsior Solutions, our in-house Pharmacy Consulting Practice, holds our clients’ PBMs accountable for delivering on their commitments. What is exciting about Marci and her team is that we will greatly expand our pharmacy audit capabilities, working as an independent arm with distinct firewalls in place to eliminate potential bias. Our expanded team will objectively ensure our clients’ pharmacy benefits are performing exactly as intended for their members and their PBMs are meeting all of their contractual commitments.”

Bruce also adds, “At Lockton, we are always looking for the highest-caliber talent and innovative ideas that keep us the best in the industry. Marci represents exactly that, as she is one of the brightest, most skilled analytical leaders in the industry!”

Marci has an MBA in Finance, Leadership and Change Management. Her professional experience spans more than 20 years of working with some of the top audit groups in the industry. This includes leadership roles in commercial audits for OptumRx as well as Pharmaceutical Strategies Group.

Marci will join a group of industry-leading experts at Lockton. Her valuable expertise will be vital in developing innovative and impactful solutions to serve Lockton’s clients.