Lockton Benefits launches third season of award-winning podcast

Lockton Benefits launches third season of award-winning podcast

Think employee benefits compliance can’t be fun? Think again.

Benefits offerings in the U.S. are expensive and complicated. Pair that with the constant influx of new legislation around what employers can provide and how, and it’s enough to overwhelm any well-intentioned plan sponsor.

At Lockton, we aren’t in the business of one-size-fits all and we don’t follow the herd. Enter: ERISA is a friend of mine, a biweekly podcast designed to keep listeners educated about employee benefits compliance issues and find the humor (oh, it’s there) in what is otherwise considered a rather mind-numbing topic.

Hosts Ed Fensholt, director of Compliance Services, and Scott Behrens, director of Government Relations, have found that the best way to keep employers up-to-speed on hot topics in benefits and compliance is to keep them entertained.

And it’s working. In less than a year, ERISA is a friend of mine has won two awards and has been downloaded tens of thousands of times. Each episode aims to (mostly) educate and (hopefully) entertain listeners on a single benefits compliance topic in about 20 minutes.

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