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Using data to change behavior, reduce risk and manage costs

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Making good choices for employee and corporate well-being

At Lockton, we understand the majority of employers are faced with a significant challenge: trying to balance the need to offer a robust benefits package with the reality of rapidly escalating healthcare costs. Lockton Health Risk Solutions® can help you do both.

Many factors can affect your employees' ability to perform at their peak, which in turn can affect your organization's bottom line. To address these challenges you need an experienced partner to help create a comprehensive, effective program that addresses every aspect of employee health and well-being.

Lockton helps companies implement the following types of programs as part of their health risk solutions strategies:

  • Biometric screenings

  • Disease management

  • Health advocacy, challenges, fairs and risk assessments

  • Metabolic syndrome management

  • On-site clinics and flu shots

  • Patient-centered medical homes

  • Prescriptions drug management

  • Tobacco cessation

  • And more

The only way to understand the financial and clinical effectiveness of a health risk management program is to regularly measure and evaluate its results - something we do for clients everyday, using Infolock.
Tammy Quinn, Director, Data Analytics, Lockton Companies