Data Analytics


Data Analytics

Data is the difference when it comes to measuring the health of your employees.

The power of Infolock®

With Infolock, Lockton’s proprietary data analytics platform, we’re turning data into focused solutions and simplifying the overwhelmingly complex.

Infolock uses big data in combination with your population data to help you meet your business objectives and improve employee health and well-being through better predictive analytics.

Our data analytics teams can help you identify exactly what risks you are facing in your employee population. We can also use pharmacy analytics to assist you in driving the waste out of your pharmacy program.

Reducing risk, measuring data delivering solutions

Helping you manage employees' health risks and your benefits costs

Your aggregated information is central to the successful identification of the risks driving your healthcare expenses. Data can also be used effectively to help drive the risk reduction process.

Lockton's experts leverage years of medical and other industry knowledge to help your risk reduction programs succeed as we work with you on the planning, implementation and oversight of programs.

We also help you hold your health partners accountable throughout the process. We’ll work with you to engage employees in healthy behavior, and track their progress in Infolock through robust reporting.

Personalized employer solutions, focused on outcomes, can lead to cost savings on medical and pharmacy spending.

Employees held responsible for healthy lifestyles and ongoing care choices share accountability with their employers for the expense of healthcare. Lockton measures performance for employers along the way, delivering solutions, oversight and results.

Working together we will implement a customized approach to long-term healthcare and pharmacy cost reduction that fits your company's business goals and culture.