Actuarial Services


Actuarial Services

What we do

Lockton’s Actuarial Services team works with a plan sponsor’s health plan to assist with rate setting and reserving, plan design and contribution modeling, network discount and access analysis, evaluation of stop loss levels and terms, and the projection of liabilities for retiree medical plans. For a plan sponsor’s pension plan, Lockton’s actuaries can assist with mergers and acquisitions due diligence, review plan assumptions, and provide assistance with plan design studies and employee communications.

Measuring expected cost differences

Arming you with data to make informed decisions about your employee benefits plan

Working with you, we develop actuarial models to help you measure the expected cost differences associated with variations in benefit plans. Actuarial models show a range of possible outcomes, allowing the employer to see best case, worst case, and most likely results for each alternative.

Variations within benefit plans:

  • The impact of health reform

  • Different types of medical delivery systems

  • Different provider networks

  • Fee schedules within similar system