Pharmaceuticals & Life Science


Pharmaceuticals & Life Science

Risk management to protect innovation.

We’ve got you covered.

Innovation, discovery, and passion are the trade winds of your industry. As you develop products that prevent, treat, and cure — protect— we stand ready to protect you.  

Your industry continually transforms. It’s in its nature. And ours is one built on anticipating risks, navigating exposures, and creating rock-solid solutions that keep your business protected/you covered. We make it our business to understand yours. 

Lockton has extensive experience with pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and nutraceutical manufacturers and distributors. Our specialized insurance and risk management team supports your business around the clock, leveraging our relationships with specialty insurers worldwide.


Our team of specialists examines your business goals and connects them to your risk management and employee benefits objectives. We can integrate your non-products liability exposures along with mergers and acquisitions due diligence.

We have experience with all coverage triggers, as well as the key issues you face. We dial in and closely advise on vital matters such as batch and related circumstance wording, recall coverage, limit assessment, clinical trials, Professional Liability (P&L), Errors & Omissions (E&O) and more.

We offer risk management guidance across all facets of your pharmaceutical or life science business. Natural hazard modeling, business continuity, business interruption studies, supply chain assessment and more can hamstring your business; we can help ensure that this doesn’t happen.

Unparalleled commitment

New challenges arise as your industry evolves. Consider supply chain issues, increased cyber exposures, a changing regulatory environment, and complex risk exposures, including COVID-19. We are perpetually independent and committed to delivering tailored solutions to fit your business needs. From start to finish, lab to trials, scientists' brains to the public's bodies and minds, you have us covered. And, in turn, we've got you.